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Area Based Development

Morabharalu River

The key Features of Feasibility Report is elaborated below:-

Feasibility Report (FR) for the Mora Bharalu River rejuvenation from the chainage - 0+000 (i.e. Bharalu-Mora Bharalu Junction) to Chainage – 6+500 (Mora Bharalu-Basistha River Junction) identifies following works.

  • Cleaning and desilting of river Mora Bharalu.
  • Construction of a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of Capacity 185 MLD capacity using Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) technology.
  • A land parcel admeasuring 28 Ha is required for the site of the STP.

The Complete revenue survey of available land parcels is awaited from the revenue department. The locations that are most preferred for STP are at the following changes:

  1. Only for 85 MLD – Near ISBT Junction CH 5+500 (Area Required= 14 Ha)
  2. For Total 185 MLD – Near DeeporBeel CH 10+000 (Area Required = 28 Ha)
  • The raw sewage (DWF) which is being directly discharged into the river along its banks in the non-monsoon period. The same would be captured by a channel/drains conveyed to interceptor sewer proposed to be laid on either side of river bank along the river. These two interceptor sewage collection drains will be kept separated from rest of the river.
  • Two number of intermediate Sewage Pumping stations have been identified as per overall wastewater management scheme at chainage 0+080 and near the stadium (Chainage 2+950).
  • Treated water from the STP will be discharged into the river for maintaining ecological flow in the river as well as help creating a waterfront along the river.
  • Various other infrastructure works like construction of a new bridges for pedestrian and vehicular movement in place of temporary existing bridges, laying of underground electrical cables in-place of overhead electrical wires, development of walkway over the river along its banks; landscaping, generation of solar power etc are the part of the development of the Mora-Bharalu riverfront.
  • The option of power generation from biogas of STP is discussed in the report.
  • Reuse of tertiary treated wastewater from proposed STP for flushing in government buildings and gardening is also proposed.