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Area Based Development

Development of Borsola Beel (Lake)

Borsola Beel is one of the notable wetlands of the Guwahati city covering an area of 25 acres. The Beel is situated in the central part of the city and is a part of Bharalu water system.  The city has turned its back to the lake making it a backyard with a poor quality of infrastructure. Due to improper management of solid waste and absence of sewerage network, this Beel has become a dumping ground. Quality of water is very poor. Unchecked growth of algae has taken over the lake surface.

Development of BorsolaBeel project involves the development of sewage treatment plant and associated infrastructure as well as landscaping and other works along the BorsolaBeel. Development of BorsolaBeel identifies following works.

  • Enabling works (removing, cleaning of sludge, dismantling, ground strengthening)
  • Inlet works (weir, diversion works, wet well)
  • 15 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) using Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)  technology
  • Re-sectioning of the Beel (dismantling of walkway and construction of retaining wall)
  • Bridge across Beel (One parking bridge, two girder bridges and one arch bridges)
  • Infrastructural work (Road, electrical trench, water supply line, stormwater drain)
  • Sewage Interception & Collection Drain (Drain, sewage bypass arrangement)
  • Development of Landscape (five senses garden, water sports, 7 sister’s walkway)