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Area Based Development

Brahmaputra Riverfront Development

The Riverfront is located on the south bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River and part of the central area of Guwahati. A 6 km long Riverfront stretches between Rajbhawan (Kharghuli Hill) to famous Kamakhaya Temple (Nilachal Hill). Feasibility Report (FR) for the Riverfront design identifies the following works:

  • Masterplan Landscape design for 6 km stretch Riverfront.
  • Development of Walkway, Cycle track , Jogging track along full Riverfront from 
  • Rajbhawan to Kamakhaya Temple
  • Landscape design for 5 segments (viz: Kamakhaya, Machchowa, Governor’s Hill, KachariGhat& Raj Bhawan) in plan and section.
  • Smart city Pavilions
  • Bank Protection measures
  • Various infrastructures works (Viewpoint, Waterstairs, Fountain, Interactive pond, Ramps, Stairs, Jetty, Ferry Terminals, Kiosk, Bridges over outflow structures, etc.)
  • Development of Stairs from Chakreshwar Temple to Kamakhaya Temple.
  • Materials landscaping, planting, lighting, generation of solar power etc.
  • Upgrading of outflow-structures of storm water and drainage system within the topographical scope riverfront.
  • Execution of the works is envisages to be carried out in different packages 
  • Corresponding seasonal conditions.
  • Duration of construction activities is estimated about 36 months.
  • Hydrological data survey & design of integrated storm & drainage system of city, 
  • River dredging, Road work, & utilities, land-acquisition & Real Estate Development is not included in Feasibility Report.
  • Block costs in this feasibility Report for the riverfront is 826 Crores (± 15%). For
  • Which Infrastructure Landscape Development cost is 160 Crore and Riverbank Protection Cost is 666 Crores.