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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Smart City Limited

Smart Bio-Toilet

  • Objective of the Project

    To meet the demands of sustainable and hygienic sanitation system in the city, prevention of open defecation, preventing pollution of water bodies and promote safety and dignity for women and other users, the installation of Smart Bio Toilets in different locations in the city has been proposed under Smart City Mission, in Guwahati, Assam.

    Salient Features of the Project

    Mechanism of working: DRDO has developed a technology using zero-waste biodigester that breaks down human excreta into usable water and gas through an anaerobic process. It uses psychrotrophic bacteria like Clostridium and Methanosarcina to break human excreta into methane and water through a series of steps of anaerobic digestion—hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. 

    Features: Smart biotoilet with coin-operated fitted with DRDO Type biodigesters

    Load Capacity: 200 defecations per day (minimum) 

    Material: Stainless Steel (minimum Grade 304)

    Unit Dimension: up to 170 sqft

    Disabled friendly and aesthetic look No of Units Proposed: 30.Capacity of Digestor= 10,000 Litres (minimum) Operational time proposed = 6 am to 10 pm 

    Number of Project to be implemented: 30 

    Locations identified after basic analysis of footfall, water & power connectivity and to benefit maximum users: refer list) 

    Expected Operation and Impact

    In order to meet the demands sustainable and promote hygienic sanitation system in the city, the installation of Smart Bio Toilets in different locations in the city has been proposed under Smart City Mission.This project will allow facility of Smart electronically operated, biodegradable, environment-friendly toilets with automatic user operation as well as remote monitoring system at strategic locations. 

    This will prevent contamination of water bodies and be good for the environment and is a good public health initiative taken to prevent or mitigate the problem of open defecation and for providing dignity and privacy to women and other users. This is also part of the swachabharat mission objectives.

    This contract will include Designing, Constructing / Installing, Operating and maintaining of Smart Bio-toilets for Period of Five Years.