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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Smart City Limited

Installation of National Flag

  • The National Flag of India represents the concept of secularism that the country was built upon. The austerity of the rectangular tricolour underlines the rich spiritual and philosophical history of India.  The National flag of India is a symbol of honour and freedom for the country. It is of great significance to us. 

    With a view to creating a place of pride and the National monument of our National flag in Guwahati, the Gateway of North-East states, Assam Government has proposed to install a 300 ft.  High monumental flagpole with flag size of 120' X80'.

    The proposed flagpole will also serve as an additional landmark and a tourist’s spot for the people visiting Guwahati round the year. 

    The flag shall be a flutter of day and night, throughout the year. The flag will be illuminated in the night by suitable lighting arrangement.

    Installation of the National flag at Gandhi Mandap, SaraniaHill is creating a landmark location for Guwahati city and a place to pay tribute to our nation. This flag shall be visible from all corner of the city. As Guwahati is known as the gateway of North-East states will strengthen the spirit of united India.   The National flag is the symbol of unity for the people of different religions living here.