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GIS Platform for Guwahati Smart City

  • GIS integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analysing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information for a city. GIS has become a need for every infrastructure project nowadays. GIS technology allows its Stakeholders to view, query and understand data in many ways. Using GIS technology in Smart City infrastructure will enable city authorities to plan, manage & monitor various activities within the smart city. One can easily see relationships, patterns and trends in the form of GIS-based maps, reports and charts. With the development of GIS portal, citizens can share grievances, comment on the status of city infrastructure and understand the corrective measures taken by the city authorities. Citizens can also access the city master plans and share their views on the proposed development activities.

    GIS technology will also enable automation and real-time integrated city monitoring and management through a network of sensors, cameras, and wireless devices and data centres. 

    Enterprise GIS Platform:

    An Enterprise GIS is a geographic information system that is integrated through an entire organization so that a large number of users can manage, share, and use spatial data and related information to address a variety of needs, including data creation, modification, visualization, analysis, and dissemination. Graphical Representation of Enterprise GIS.

    Graphical Representation of Enterprise GIS

    The need for Enterprise GIS platform:

    GIS data management for a Smart City is an uphill task as the number of departments will work together with everyone maintaining their own GIS data and finally disseminate at central GIS server for further analyses. Enterprise GIS offers a solution to bridge this gap between interdepartmental operations. 

    Following objectives of establishing Enterprise GIS platform are envisaged.


    • Municipal Engineering Services: Road network, Water supply, Sanitation & Sewerage network
    • Revenue department: Identification & Locating property in the city with details like ownership, property type, electricity meter number, water meter number, connectivity with sewerage system etc. 
    • Flood Monitoring: Flood alarm system integration over GIS platform can be done.
    • Citywide CCTV surveillance system integration with GIS will assist the police department in traffic management and also safeguard the security of citizen and public property.

    At Command & Control Centre use of GIS maps & various GIS analyses tools, will help monitor and manage various aspects of Smart city like, 


    • Street lighting
    • Traffic signals 
    • Smart poles 
    • WiFi Locations 
    • Environmental Sensors 
    • Smart Parking 
    • CCTV Camera locations 
    • Flood monitoring system
    • Smart Governance
    • Waste management system
    • GIS land-use maps can be effectively used to manage Green areas and Parks.
    • GIS land base map can be used to establish robust IT connectivity network over the city identifying unconnected areas.
    • It will assist in planning & decision making for various Government schemes and projects and in case emergency situations.
    • GIS, GPS integration can be used to monitor solid waste management vehicles.
    • GIS-based citizen portal can be established to interact to help the citizen in addressing problems in the locality.