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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Smart City Limited

Pan City Proposal

Smart Poles with City Optical Fiber Network

The Guwahati City will have 48 Nos. of Smart Poles which would be located & installed inside/outside/nearby Parks, Bus Stands, Guwahati Railway Station, Guwahati University, Stadium, Planetarium, Guwahati Colleges & Institution, bays of River and some strategic points to facilitate & upgrade live hood of the citizens of Guwahati. The deployed Smart Poles in Guwahati city will have following equipments & services to upgrade the live hood of the citizen of Guwahati.

  • Street Light
  • IP Night Vision IR PTZ Surveillance Camera
  • Omnidirectional Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Digital Bill Board
  • Public Address (PA) System
  • Panic Button (SoS Button)
  • EV Charger
  • Industrial Grade Switches
  • Online UPS with Battery Backup
  • Outdoor Rack
  • Data & Electrical Cables

The Guwahati city is also planning to deploy a dedicated City Network on consoled Fiber cable. To achieve City Network on Fiber across Guwahati City, the city will need to create Nine (9) Nos. of PoP (Point of Presence) sites located across different part of city. All PoP Sites will be connected & configured in Ring Topology to provide robust, redundancy and hence created core and backbone city network & provide 24x7 hours services to all projects under Smart City Mission of Guwahti City. Each PoP location will have following components & services in technology.

  • Full Height (42U) Outdoor Network Rack
  • L2 Managed High End GBIC Module Switches
  • 5 KVA Online UPS with Battery Backup(30 Minutes)
  • 48 Cores Outdoor Fiber Cable
  • Structured Cabling 
  • Earthing for UPS, Rack and Equipments
  • Grid Power

The components & services installed on Smart Poles will connect to City Operation Centre (CoC) for centralized monitoring & depository of data. The PoPs sites components will also connect to CoC for centralized monitoring, fault dedication, corrective action, and depository of data and for SLA purpose.